Peninsula Affairs

This is a weekly show featuring articles of current affairs on the Saanich Peninsula of Vancouver Island. The show is hosted by Peter Wainwright and will include guest news makers or notables in the community talking about recent events and topics of local interest. Future shows will include live broadcasts with opportunities for listeners to ask questions via phone or Twitter.

What About US with Bruce Welsh

What About Us?, which appropriately is the title of a 1963 single by Liverpool group The Undertakers, is a show not about the big names, but about the others. It looks at those artists on both sides of the Atlantic who may not have achieved any chart hits, or had one big hit or managed to make the upper end of the charts before disappearing, but were still very much a part of the recording scene of the sixties.


It covers those artists who turned out singles between 1962, the year that both The Beatles and The Beach Boys first entered the charts, and 1969, the end of the sixties. Often singles achieved local success or were heard only a few times but people still liked them and those are the songs that regularly get trampled under or forgotten. What About Us remembers those songs and artists with a view to introducing listeners to songs or groups they have never heard or have not heard in a good long time.  In this regard, it’s not The Same Old Song.

S1E1- The Other Liverpool Bands

The debut show focuses on some of Liverpool’s other recording bands who were striving for stardom.


1. Pete Best Four – I’m Gonna Knock On Your Door (1964)

2. Mojos – They Say (1963)

3. Big Three – By The Way (1963)

4. Merseys – Sorrow (1966)

5. Masterminds – She Belongs To Me (1965)

6. Kirkbys – It’s A Crime (1966)

7. Ian & The Zodiacs – You Can’t Do That (1965)

8. Ian & The Zodiacs – Little Child (1965)

9. Faron’s Flamingos – Shake Sherry (1963)

10.  Earl Royce & The Olympics – Que Sera Sera (1964)

11.  Quotations – Alright Baby (1964)

12.   Pathfinders – I Love You Caroline (1964)

13.   Clayton Squares – Come And Get It (1965)

14.   Earl Preston & The Realms – Raindrops (1964)

15.   Eyes – She (1965)

16.   Carrolls – Surrender Your Love (1966)

17.   Black Knights – Angel Of Love (1965)

18.   Paddy, Klaus & Gibson – I Wanna Know (1965)

19.   Dennisons – Walking The Dog (1964)

20.   Escorts – Dizzy Miss Lizzy (1964)

S1E2 - Cars, Guitars, Girls & Surf

Cars, guitars, girls and surf  saluting the other surf artists who were competing with The Beach Boys and Jan & Dean and there’s even a few non-surf artists who put out a single or two in the genre as well.

1. The Boys Next Door – Mandy  (1966)

2. Buddies – I’ll Surf Around The World (1965)

3. California Suns – Masked Grandma (1966)

4. Dante & His Friends – Miss America (1962)

5. Dee Dee Hope – California Surfer (1963)

6. Majorettes – White Levis – (1963)

7. Honeys – The One You Can’t Have (1963)

8. Surfaris – I’m Into Something Good (1965)

9. Tony Rivers & The Castaways – Girl Don’t Tell Me (1966)

10.  Hondells – Little Honda (1964)

11.  Hondells – Hot Rod High (1964)

12.  Orlons – Surfin (1963)

13.  Supremes – Surfer Boy (1964)

14.  Paul Revere & The Raiders – SS 396 (1965)

15.  Sandford & The Sandies – Let’s Go To The Beach (1963)

16.  Bruce & Terry – Here Comes Summer (1964)

17.  Fantastic Baggys – Tell ‘Em I’m Surfin’ (1964)

18.  Surf Bunnies – Surf Bunny Beach (1963)

19.  Challengers – Telstar (1964)

20.  Jerry Cole & His Spacemen – Pipeline (1964)

S1E3- Flirting with the UK Charts

A look at UK bands who managed to make the upper end of the British charts or managed a Top 10 or 20 hit before disappearing. One or two even managed to dent the charts on this side of the Atlantic.


1. Caravelles – You Don’t Have To Be A Baby To Cry

2. Lancastrians – We’ll Sing In The Sunshine

3. Naturals – I Should Have Known Better

4. Three Good Reasons – Nowhere Man

5. Whistling Jack Smith - I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman

6. Sounds Orchestral – Cast Your Fate To The Wind

7. Bern Elliott & The Fenmen

8.  Bern Elliott & The Fenmen

9. Magic Lanterns – Shame Shame

10. Symbols – Bye Bye Baby

11. Twice As Much – Sitting On A Fence

12. Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours – Mirror Mirror

13. Dowlands – All My Loving

14. Silkie – You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

15. Peter Sellers – A Hard Day’s Night

16. Mighty Avengers – So Much In Love

17. Escorts – The One To Cry

18. Tony Jackson & The Vibrations – Bye Bye Baby

19. New York’s A Lonely Town – the Tradewinds 1965

S1E4  Flirtin’ with the North American Charts


A look at North American artists who managed to make the upper end of the charts or managed a Top 10 or 20 hit before disappearing and one or two who only enjoyed local success. Despite some success over here none of them managed to dent the charts on the other side of the Atlantic.


1.  Bob Kuban & The Inmen – The Cheater   #12 Feb 66 (7 Weeks)

2.  Bill Deal & The Rhondells – What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am #23 SEPT 69 (5 WEEKS)

3.  O’Kaysions – I’m A Girl Watcher - #5 SEPT 68 (10 WEEKS)

4.  Fred Latremouille – The Latromotion – FEB 65.

5.  Terry Black – Unless You Care – JULY 64.

6.  The Chessmen – The Way You Fell – 1965

7.  Ides Of March – You Wouldn’t Listen – MAY 66

8.  Four Jacks & A Jill – Master Jack – #18 MAY 68 (7 WEEKS)

9.  Dino, Desi & Billy – I’m A Fool – #17  JULY 65 (7 WEEKS)

10. Shindogs – Who Do You Think You Are – JUNE 66

11. Pozo Seco Singers – I Can Make It With You - #32 OCT 66 (6 WEEKS)

12. Astors – Candy – MAY 1965

13. Cyrkle – Red Rubber Ball #2 JUNE 66 (11 WEEKS)

14. Cyrkle – Turn Down Day #16 AUG 66 (5 WEEKS)

15. Derek – Cinnamon - #11 NOV 1968 (11 WEEKS)

16. Every Mothers Son – Come On Down To My Boat - #6 MAY 67 (12 WEEKS)

17. Knickerbockers – Lies - #20 JAN 66 (9 WEEKS)

S1E5 What About Us – UK Kopy Kats


This show looks at UK Bands who did covers of US Chart Hits. Some of the bands managed to score minor hits in the UK but couldn’t crack the North American charts. UK Kopy Kats also has a special Double Shot where we’ll be playing the same song by two different bands and asking the listeners to vote for the one they like best. One of the songs was a chart hit and one wasn’t and we’ll share the story about the song.


1. Carl Wayne & The Vikings – My Girl.

2. Boston Crabs – You Didn’t Have To Be So Nice

3. Fenmen – California Dreamin’

4. Allisons – It Doesn’t Matter Anymore

5. Earl Royce & The Olympics – Guess Things Happen That Way

6. Brian Howard & The Silhouettes – Back In The U.S.A.

7. Brian Poole & The Tremeloes – Candy Man

8. Presidents – Candy Man

9. Buddy Britten & The Regents - She’s About A Mover

10.  Beatmen – You Can’t Sit Down

11. Jean & The Statesides – One Fine Day

12. Fadin’ Colours – Just Like Romeo And Juliet

13. Tossin’ And Turnin’ – Dave Davani Four

14. Chicago Line – Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop

15. Bonzo Dog Do Dah Band – Alley Oop

16. Katch 22 – 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)

17. Bystanders – 98.6 – 1966

18. Quiet Five – Homeward Bound - 1966

19. Shane Fenton & The Fentones – Cindy’s Birthday - 1962

20. Coachmen – Seasons In The Sun – 1966

S1E6 What About Us – Psychedelic 60’s


The Summer Of Love, 1967.   The sound ushered in by The Beatles with Love Me Do in 1962 was very different from the Revolver and Rubber Soul Albums of 1966 and the famed Sgt. Peppers album of 1967. This week’s show features the psychedelic and groovy love tunes from the late sixties.



1. Blues Magoos – We Ain’t Got Nothin’ Yet – (1966)

2. Electric Prunes – I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night – (1966)

3. Balloon Farm – A Question Of Temperature – (1967)

4. Count Five – Psychotic Reaction – (1966)

5. Fever Tree – San Francisco Girls (Return Of The Native) – (1968)

6. Country Joe & The Fish – Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine – (1967)

7. Hombres – Let It All Hang Out – (1967)

8. Friend & Lover – Reach Out Of The Darkness – (1967)

9. Mojo Men – Sit Down I Think I Love You – (1966)

10. Love – My Little Red Book – (1966)

11. People – I Love You – (1969)

12. Parade – Sunshine Girl – (1967

13. Rhinoceros – Apricot Brandy – (1969)

14. Strawberry Alarm Clock – Incense And Peppermints – (1967)

15. Vanilla Fudge – You Keep Me Hangin’ On – (1967)

16. Janis Ian – Society’s Child – (1967)

17. Scott McKenzie – San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair) – (1967)

Bruce’s Top 20 UK S1E7


On this week’s show, our host picks his Top 20 favourites from the Other Guys. A mix of pop, rock, and harmony tunes, a few of which prompted him to undertake the writing of the book, What About Us? A Rocklopaedia Of Britain’s Other Recording Groups 1962 – 1966.


1. Mark Wirtz – I Can Hear Music – (1969)

2. Blue Rondos – Little Baby – (1964)

3. Beatmen – Now The Sun Has Gone – (1965)

4. Jean & The Statesides – Putty In Your Hands (1964)

5. Brett Young & The Ghost Squad – You Can’t Fool Me (1964)

6. Shevelles – I Could Conquer The World (1964)

7. Ian & The Zodiacs – Clarabella – (1963)

8. Lancastrians – Lonely Man – (1965)

9. David & Jonathan – Lovers Of The World Unite – (1966)

10. Force West – Sherry – (1969)

11. Montanas – All That Is Mine Can Be Yours – (1965)

12. Chucks – Any Time Is The Right Time – (1963)

13. Paul & Barry Ryan – I Love How You Love Me – (1966)

14. I (Who Have Nothing) – Spectres – (1966)

15. St. Louis Union – East Side Story – (1966)

16. Herd – Mother’s Blue Eyed Angel – (1968)

17.  Ivan’s Meads – The Sins Of A Family – (1965)

18. Jonathan King – Everyone’s Gone To The Moon – (1965)

19. Uglys – Wake Up My Mind – (1965)

20. Tierney’s Fugitives – Did You Want To Run Away – (1965)

S1E8 Bruce’s Top 20 US


This week Bruce picks his Top 20 from the other artists on this side of the Atlantic. Some of the names may be familiar to our listeners and others may not. These were the bands and artists striving to make it big in the midst of the years when British Bands were riding high in the North American charts.


1. Swingin’ Medallions – Double Shot Of My Baby’s Love – 1966

2. Crazy Elephant – Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’ – 1969

3. Human Beinz – Nobody But Me – 1967

4. McCoys – Got To Go Back (And Watch That Little Girl Dance) – 1966

5. Gentrys – Everyday I Have To Cry – 1966

6. Standells – Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White - 1966

7. Mel Carter – Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me – 1965

8. Tokens – Greatest Moments In A Girl’s Life – 1966

9. Beau Brummels – Laugh Laugh – 1964

10. Cascades – Rhythm Of The Rain – 1963

11. Miriam Makeba – Pata Pata – 1968

12. Peppermint Trolley Company – Baby You Come Rollin’ Cross My Mind – 1968

13. Royal Guardsmen – Baby Let’s Wait – 1968

14. Don & The Goodtimes – I Could Be So Good To You – 1967

15. Seeds – Can’t Seem To Make You Mine – 1965

16. ? & The Mysterions – 96 Tears – 1966

17. Richard & The Young Lions – 1966

18. Strangeloves – Cara Lin – 1965

19. Syndicate Of Sound – Little Girl – 1966

20. Mason Williams – Classical Gas - 1968

S1E10 The Ladies US

First Streamed April 19, 2019


This week’s show pays tribute to the US ladies on this side of the Atlantic who churned out some pretty great singles. Some of the tunes you’ll hear today made the charts and are ones you don’t often, if ever, hear on commercial radio.


1. Marcie Blaine – Bobby’s Girl – 1962

2. Shelley Fabares – Johnny Angel – 1962

3. Annette – Pajama Party – 1964

4. Doris Troy – Just One Look – 1963

5. Carla Thomas – B-A-B-Y – 1966

6. Gale Garnett – We’ll Sing In The Sunshine – 1964

7. Jody Miller – Queen Of The House – 1965

8. Elgins – Darling Baby – 1965

9. Elgins – Heaven Must Have Sent You – 1966

10. Rose Garden – Next Plane To London – 1967

11. Merilee Rush & The Turnabouts – Angel Of The Morning  1968

12. Jon & Robin & The In Crowd – Do It Again Just A Little Bit Slower – 1967

13. Toys – A Lover’s Concerto – 1965

14. Sapphires – Who Do You Love – 1964

15. Barbara Lynn – You’ll Lose A Good Thing – 1963

16. Secrets – The Boy Next Door – 1963

17. Ikettes – Peaches And Cream – 1965

18. Fontella Bass – Rescue Me – 1965

19. We Five – You Were On My Mind – 1965

20. Sunshine Company – Happy - 1967


S1E9 A Night at the Cavern

First Streamed April 10, 2019


On any given night, Cavern goers would be treated to several bands who had records out. It wasn’t uncommon to have two or three playing the same night. This week’s show has picked several dates from the Cavern Club’s diary and will be playing tunes by the groups that were on that particular night, which will include some of the big names like The Beatles, The Hollies, The Merseybeats and more.


1. Wednesday – August 22, 1962 & October 12



2. Sunday – May 26 – 1963

Johnny Kidd & The Pirates – A Shot Of Rhythm & Blues

Dennisons – Little Latin Lupe Lu

Lee Curtis & The All Stars – Skinny Minny


3. Sunday – July 21 – 1963

Hollies – Lucille

Chants – Come Go With Me

Del Renas – Sigh, Cry, Almost Die




4. Thursday – August 29 – 1963

Big Three – What’d I Say  Boys with the Benzedrine Beat


5. Wednesday – February 12 – 1964

Lunchtime session – The Undertakers – Just A Little Bit

Released earlier that month



Merseybeats – I Think Of You – Their biggest hit #5

Entered the charts January 15 and enjoyed an impressive 17 week stay.

Escorts – All I Want Is You

Valkyries – What’s Your Name


6. Tuesday – April 14, 1964

Rattles – Cryin’ Waitin’ Hopin’ – Bye Bye Johnny

Earl Preston’s Realms – That’s For Sure

Blackwells – All I Want Is Your Love (Jan 65)

Denny Seyton & The Sabres – Short Fat Fanny


7. Wednesday – December 16, 1964

Chants – Then I’ll Be Home

Rory Storm & The Hurricanes - America

Earl Royce & The Olympics – I Really Do


8. Tuesday – January 5, 1965

Roadrunners – Hitch Hike


9. Beatles – I Saw Her Standing There – Live At The Cavern



Peninsula Live

Peninsula Live is an original production of Radio Sidney. Our goal is to bring the talented performers of the Saanich Peninsula into the public light by going out into the community and encouraging live performance at local venues. We stream these programs to you live and follow with a podcast version for your listening pleasure.


This is a show featuring slow cooked food with a homey flare. We visit backyard chefs as they prepare their favourite food to the delight of their neighbours. You will find meat, fish and veg from around the Saanich Peninsula on Vancouver Island. Learn the tips of smoking and the many ways to burn beef. For a fun time tune in to Smokin' on Radio Sidney.

Beef Bones Extraordinary


S1E1 Recorded November 13, 2018.

This episode features the gang getting together to prepare smoked beef bones from Fraser Orr in Saanichton with corn from Silver Rills Corn and beer from Category 12 the Saanich Peninsula. Chef Michael Fecteau tells all!

Pork Ribs to Die For


S1E2 Recorded August 26, 2018.

This episode takes us on a journey of pork with master backyard chef Steve Martin. Steve also shares with us his collection of BBQ and meat books. Steve's beautiful three labs loved the smell wafting off the smoker.

Roasts on a Black Pearl


S1E3 Recorded September 1, 2018.

Ever wonder what the eat down at the fire hall. Tune in to this episode to take a peak into fireman and cook and bottle washer Neal Horne as he prepares a meal for the gang. Neal has a Black Pearl BBQ and smoker and, in this episode prepares a couple of beef roasts with vegies.

About the Peninsula

Welcome the show "About the Peninsula". This is a weekly program bringing you news and interviews from around the Saanich Peninsula. In addition to interesting guests this show will attempt to bring you the story from neighbourhood business' .

About The Peninsula S1E1 Quince

Recorded August 23 and 24, 2018.


Segment 1

About the Peninsula has embarked on an ambitious goal of interviewing all business' on the Saanich Peninsula. It this first episode we visited with Courtney Thomas, owner of Quince Café and Bakery. Quince is located at the bottom of Beacon Avenue in Sidney. Courtney told us about her business and goals for the future.

Segment 2

There comes a time when someone has to speak up. That was the sentiment expressed on social media from a local business owner. Chris Stevens, who is the proprietor of Lilaberry, a home decors and gift shop in Sidney, Chris made the point that the sidewalk and street along Beacon Avenue seems to filling up with garbage The town of Sidney also weighted in on the conversation and helped with an extra level support.


About the Peninsula S1E2 Chic Goodman Part 1

Recorded October 30, 2018.


A Remembrance Day approaches our thoughts turn to those folks who served in uniform and protected Canada, Canadians and our Canadian way of life.  Such a gentleman is Chic Goodman. Chic served on many battle fields including WWII and Korea. He also served as a peacekeeper.  In this part-one interview with Chic he recalls the events leading up to WWII and his service overseas.


About the Peninsula S1E3 All Bufflehead’s Day

Recorded October 16, 2018


This episode features a community event called All Bufflehead's Day. It was recorded at Roberts Bay on the Saanich Peninsula, Vancouver Island, BC. Every year friends and neighbours come out to the shoreline to catch a glimpse of the Bufflehead Duck. This is the world’s most punctual duck and it’s return to the coast of BC can be predicted to within hours. Meet the Friends of Shoal Harbour as they host the annual event.

About the Peninsula S1E4  Trichanalytics

Recorded January 3 and 10, 2019

This episode bring you the story of Trichanalytics and its founder Jennie Christianson. This company, located on the Saanich Peninsula, had developed processes to determine concentrations of heavy metals in tissue samples. These techniques, for example, helped shed light on the fate of the sailors of the Franklin Expedition. Jennie was recorded in interview with Mr. John Treleaven of the Sidney By The Sea Rotary Club and giving a speech to the Sidney Breakfast Club hosted by Mr. John Juricic.

This is a show featuring local athletes along with news and articles about the sporting scene on the Saanich Peninsula of Vancouver Island. Check out the show with your host Willi Fahning.

S1E1 Recorded September 15, 2018.

This episode features an interview with soccer player Dan Thompson. Dan moved to the Peninsula in his teens and has been an athlete all his life. Tune in to find out the unlikely sport Dan played in England.

S1E2 Recorded October, 2018.

This episode features an interview with two time heavyweight champion boxer Bryan Colwell . Check out Bryan's facebook page: BryanColwellBoxing

Willi's Sports Talk

S1E2 Streamed December 2, 2018

In this show Willi takes a unique view of cycling on the Saanich Peninsula. He interviews two cyclists, one older and one younger as they discuss the past, present and future of cycling on the Peninsula. Willi’s guests include Willi Fahning Sn. and Riley Pickrell.

S1E4 Streamed Week of Jan 28, 2019

Willi talks with Ruth Saunders. Ruth is an athlete with a varied career. Her endeavours range from MMA to bodybuilding to kite surfing. Willi and Ruth talk about what it takes to be an elite athlete.

This show is the brainchild of Adam Olsen. Adam is the MLA for Saanich North and The Islands. Adam hosts a regular Facebook live session where he interviews many interesting guests. This Radio Sidney show is an abridged version of the podcast which you can find on Adam's Facebook page:

S1E1 Recorded August 3, 2018.

This episode features an interview with Ian Bruce. Ian is executive director of the Peninsula Streams Society and  a strong proponent of habitat and environment protection and enhancement.

S1E2 Recorded August 17, 2018.

This episode features an interview with Barb Whittington. Barb talks about Ravens Crossing Co-housing in Sidney, BC. With all the frustration around housing here days Adam wanted to profile a good news story about community members working together to find housing solutions

Public Circle Podcast with Adam Olsen

S1E2 Recorded October, 2018.

This episode features an interview with Gary Holman. Gary is the former the MLA for Saanich North and The Islands. Gary was a the opposition critic responsible for democratic reform. Adam speaks with Gary about the current referendum on proportional representation.

Our Sound with Nick Gilchrist

Our Sound S1E1

First Streamed Wednesday Jan. 8, 2019


This program features multiple artists from the Saanich Peninsula of Vancouver Island BC. The show will stream both studio and live recordings showcasing the vast range of talent from this part of the world. Your host is Nick Gilchrist. This episode has the music of Elaine Lakeman, Ocean Johnston, The Half White Sisters, Daniel Cook, Tim Black, Ray Spencer, Lisa Bosman, Dale Shepard, Jeff Stevenson, Paint the Town Red and Nate Harris. The show was produced by Nick Gilchrist of Sonick Studios in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia.

Our Sound S1E2

First Streamed Sunday Feb, 10 2019

This episode features some brand new releases, some new songs from artists featured in S1E1, the second instalment of "Friday Night Live From The Brentwood Bay Village Emporium Rewind" and some new music from musicians new to the show. This is the playlist:


• Rez Life - Paint The Town Red Brian YellowWolf Sampson

• Pale Kids - Luke Wallace

• Tell Me A Story – Mike, Josh and Jim

• Ode To Poetry - Dam Andrew Andy Sloniowski

• Drowning - Elaine Lakeman

• Runaways - Grayson Lennar

• Weep The Willow Wild - Lisa Bosman

• Soul In Hiding - Dale Sheppard

• Fire In The Night - Jeff Stevenson

• Boy Named Sue/Adrian? - Dam Andrew

• Where Two Countries Meet - Kath & Dave"

• You Are Wonderful - Tamara Kasdorf

• Someone Special - Patricia Geernaert/Helen Lupowitzj



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